Lip Remedy: Tips to cure your Dry Lips

Cure to protect your lips
Dry lips

“Lips, thin or thick, we all love them.” We all love our lips but it seems there no season that’s good to avoid dry lips. In the summer season, your lips are all sunburned. In the winter, it’s the peeling & dry lips, and throughout the spring season. Like a cracked & dry lips, it ruins your flawless lipstick application. Here, we are sharing some tips for lip remedy to keep your lips moisturized & how can you protect them.

#1- Gently Flake off

Flake off means removal of your dead skin that is on top of your lips to reveal the fresh, young skin beneath it. You have to gently rub off your dry lips with the blend of coconut oil & sugar and then wipe it with warm water. Not only it will help you to smooth your lips, but it will remove dry flakes from your lips.

#2- Wear your Lip Balm Frequently

Applying Lip balm helps to moisturize your lips, when not applying any lipstick. Constant moisture will protect them from impurity & nourishes your dry lips to soften them. Lip Balm should be of good quality, it helps in hydrating your dry lips.

#3 – Opt for Hydrating lip gloss

Once you’ve done removal of dead skin & then moisturizing it. Now it’s time to add some lipstick. Whenever your lips are dry, the best is to apply hydrating lip color.

The Bottom Line

Often facing issues of dry lips is common, your lips should have a little natural protection against the harsh air. It takes a little prevention of this perfect lip remedy to protect your dry lips & you can apply this perfect natural lip remedy for flaky & dry lips to make it look fresh.


One of the best lip remedies, you can use to cure your dry lips. Getting soothing lips is all that easy now, you can follow this lip remedy to make your lips look fresh & moisturized. You’re a modern woman. In the push & pull of everyday life, it’s important to look after your skin and lips. You need to follow a routine for your lips, as it also deserves the best.